Entry #8 - Site Construction III [Week 45]

The timber is now all in place!

This week has largely involved the smaller jobs on the project: installing the internal cladding; fitting the timber portion of the ramp; and installing the seating into the cladded pentagon bays.


We started off the week taking the material up to site that was needed to construct the timber part of the ramp that connects our deck down to the ground.

The ramp involved a fair amount of cutting down to size on site, to be sure that the required structure would fit comfortably connected to the deck that had been already installed.

Alongside this, we were also continuing to install the internal cladding on the inside face of each bay between the pentagons. These have been spaced out to match the positioning of the decking struts along the floor, then glued and nailed into place on the frame of each cladding bay.

We also started to fit the wider lengths of decking struts that sit between the secondary beams, which would mean that all of the floo…

Entry #7 - Site Construction II [Week 44]

This week has been another very productive team effort on site, and there is so much progress to show for it! We've had a real mix of weather across the whole week, varying from harsh cold winds, brief snowfall and heavy fog, making the week a real test for everyone involved. That being said, the results make it so worth it as we steam ahead with the construction!

Having all of the pentagon bases and most of the deck installed by the end of last week, we headed up the hill on Monday morning to continue where we left off. The four days of team site work have seen us install all of the pentagonal frames, finish the decking and installing the cladding bays that sit between the pentagons.


To start off the week, we took a scaffold tower up to the structure to enable us to work safely at height while fixing the tops of the pentagons in place.

We divided up into smaller teams to distribute the necessary jobs and make the process as efficient as possible. Some of us continue…